We started with a simple idea.

Gardner Denver Hoists are simply the best hoists on the market. In 2010, Rhino Tool House. purchased the entire Gardner Denver Hoist parts inventory and right to manufacture from The Apex Tool Group, formerly known as Cooper Tools, in an effort to support existing customers. This created Rhino Tool House – Hoist Division. We have since taken over the existing customer base quietly and expanded upon it in size and scope. We now are responsible for the engineering, manufacturing , assembly and service of the world’s best pneumatic hoists.



The Birth of GD Hoists

In an effort to uphold the legacy of the Gardner Denver Hoists, GD Hoist was created. GD Hoist is an innovative engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to providing not only superior products but service, support, and maintenance of the product lines offered. GD Hoists are the flagship products for this new endeavor.

Our passion is in making, our expertise is in engineering. From the military to tier 2 distributors, we consult on applications and design for performance.


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